Analise Minjarez is an emerging artist and arts educator from El Paso, TX. Minjarez received her BFA in Fibers from the University of North Texas in 2013. Minjarez teaches fiber and watercolor workshops at Oil and Cotton and the Southwest School of Arts. She currently lives and works in Dallas, TX.

Most recently, Minjarez has exhibited work at the Latino Cultural Center, The Cliff Gallery at Mountain View College, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Brick Haus Collective, and the Safe Room Gallery at the Texas Theatre.


Artist Statement

I am a daughter of the Texas-Mexico border. My most recent works share conceptual strength in the binding and form building techniques of textiles contextualized through materials familiar to a Mexican-American upbringing.

I utilize materials that are easily accessible and derive west Texas memories. My works marry found objects with natural fibers and dyes, dollar store plastics, cement and clay. I present these materials minimally to mimic the natural and civic border landscapes. 

The net is a symbol for the sky and stars shared between two countries. I engage in the repetition of net making to contemplate both the tension necessary to create the knots of a net and the social strain between people living on separated land. In addition, the net although commonly perceived as a barrier, provides portholes of cultural and social understanding.