Analise Minjarez

Analise Minjarez is a talented artist from El Paso, Texas. Her works aren’t only breathtaking pieces but also meaningful subjects for reflection. As a person who was born on the border of Mexico and Texas, she knows the political, social, and cultural background of both sides. In many senses, her artworks go for traditions and aesthetics of the region, matters connected with the migration, and identity of women born in the territory.

The young artist is a graduator of the University of North Texas. She finished studying and got her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fibers in 2013. Currently, Minjarez is a student at Southern Methodist University, Dallas. She’s going to get a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Analise doesn’t want to narrow down her skills and ambitions only to creating beautiful masterpieces. She shares her experience with others and makes people believe in their talents to keep going. Minjares is a passionate educator who helps students get closer to art and create incredible things. She teaches clay, textile, and participates in dye workshops at Southwest School of Arts, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, and Oil and Cotton classes. Analise takes part in courses for both children and adults with the greatest pleasure – she knows how to inspire and motivate little guests and grown-ups. They weave, knot, and create various cute things that can be taken home afterward.

Behind the Artworks

The girl’s artworks are often featured in different exhibitions and projects. She strives to show that the Texas-Mexico border isn’t only about crime, drugs, and migration. Analise wants to change the perspective and show people that there’s much more to explore in this territory. She often collaborates with other artists based in Texas – they unite their efforts to transform the opinion of those believing in stereotypes. The exhibitions feature works with the touches of traditional and authentic aesthetics that display the culture of locals. Analise performs naturally dyed clothing, hand-made sculptures, nets, stones, and many more. Her projects are inspired by outstanding characteristics of the region that leaves an unforgettable mark in a heart.

The artist’s projects are like a roadmap for people who haven’t ever been in this area or have a false opinion about it. She explores many aspects by herself before creating installations and tries to display this experience with the help of her vision and artworks. Many people couldn’t even imagine that this region could be like this before they see Analise’s exhibitions. She strives to show its positive side, as it is even more significant than the negative one. Her installations show the political, social, and geographical characteristics of the Texas-Mexican border. Minjares often uses textile binding techniques, which help her display the duality and tension that exist in this territory.

As an artist, Analise is guided by the power of her intuition. It pushes her to use nets, rocks, threads, graphite, and clay when she’s working on installations. Traditionally, each object brings a special meaning that should influence the opinion of an audience. In her own words, a net is a symbol that goes for sky and stars shared by the countries. It’s hard to find a more eloquent message than this unique artwork. We all share the same sun, stars, and skies – they don’t have borders. Analise uses knots to show the tension of the bi-cultural identity that is worth consideration. Nets aren’t a barrier in this case – it’s a symbol for thinking. She wants to celebrate this area and motivates other people to explore it, dive into local traditions, and explore the culture. Minjares believes that positive experience isn’t only possible here, but it’s what each person should try in this place.

The dual identity of people living in the border is key to many Analise’s artworks. With the help of her installations, she shows the perspectives of this factor. And as mentioned above, social, political, and cultural aspects are the core of the girl’s projects. Her talent and desire to uncover the real background of the region show the world that it has not only the black side. There are plenty of white stripes in the matters of the territory, and they are worth attention. 

Where to Find Russian Brides?

Online Dating is a Wise Solution

Today, online dating is trendy like never before. The global dating market is expected to reach a capitalization of 2.7 billion dollars at the end of 2020. Experts predict it to double the size by 2024. What is more, online dating is quite popular in Russia. Slavic people are introverted, for the most part. They don’t usually meet on the street. Russians usually befriend other people through their friends or online. As for Ukrainian brides aiming at international marriage, they are used to social networks, dating websites, and applications.

Thus, meeting Russian brides online will be much more natural than in person, in the restaurant or a club, or any other public space.

Besides, statistically, men have a much higher chance (up to ten times) of meeting women online than in nightclubs. An online environment is much safer and gives your potential partner time to make the right decision. To find a bride, you can register on a Russian women dating website, filter women you need, and start messaging them.

In the Russian Federation

Russia is an unbelievably colossal country, but nearly 77% of its population lives in the eastern part of the state. The rest is basically tundra. It means you should aim at the following cities if you want to date Russian women:

  • Moscow. Indeed, the Russian Federation’s capital is one of the best places to find middle-class Russian brides. Besides, many tourists arrive in Moscow, and more locals can speak English at an acceptable level. Thus, you can meet Russian women speaking English at an advanced level there. Among attractions, you can visit dozens of museums and theaters, take a picture near the Kremlin wall, and visit the magnificent St Basil’s Cathedral. 
  • St Petersburg. It is another beautiful city with even more cultural establishments. You can visit the State Hermitage Museum, which is the second-largest cultural establishment of its kind in the world, attracting over 4.9 million visitors yearly. The 2020 year is not the best for tourism, but you can still visit this city without much hustle or spending much money.
  • Other cities in Russia’s eastern part, like Volgograd, Astrakhan, Sochi, Kursk, etc. You can find real gems in these cities.

Crimea is another excellent destination, but it is better not to visit it because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The Crimea Peninsula is de jure a temporarily annexed Ukrainian territory, and you will have to receive special authorization from the Ukrainian government to enter it. Thus, things are complicated, let alone that the US cannot provide emergency services to Americans within this territory.

In the United States

You might ask yourself, “Can I find single Russian women in the US?” Indeed, you can, but these women might be grown in the American cultural environment. You can date them if you appreciate Russian beauty. However, beauty often takes the back seat in the long run since you have to build a relationship with a person in the first place. If you dream of getting a true Russian wife, you have to meet a girl from Russia anyway.

How to Choose a Reliable Russian Brides Dating Website?

If you want to meet a beautiful Russian woman online, like Anna Kurnikova, you need to find a reliable dating website with a broad audience and a wide range of communication options. Check the following tips to get to the trustworthy site:

Prioritize Safety

To date hot Russian brides securely, you should always check your target dating site’s safety measures. Make sure it features an SSL certificate (for data protection and safe payments) and digital security badge (such as McAfee).

Testimonials and Review Articles

It is better to look at reviews on the web before creating a profile on any dating platform. For this, you need to visit review platforms and read a couple of review articles about a dating site of your choice. It will help you find out plenty of details about payments, profiles, customer support, etc.

Profile Quality Matters

If you want to date real Russian brides, you can create a free account to get acquainted with the audience. If the dating agency allows the unregistered users to browse its members, you don’t even need to sign up. Take a look at profiles and make sure they are natural-looking, with photos in different environments. Alternatively, if most profiles have only a couple of studio-quality pictures, it may be a sign of a scam.

Are there Hidden Payments?

Some dating agencies feature paid registration. It may involve certain risks, such as hidden payments. To avoid them, make sure the dating agency does not offer any trial subscriptions to partner services. If you accept them, you may not be able to cancel them, which will result in an unwanted charge on your bank account.

How to date Russian Brides?

Russian dating culture differs from the American one significantly. Therefore, follow these tips on winning Russian brides’ hearts:

Be Careful with Flowers

Russian brides love flowers, but you have to be careful with numbers. Make sure you give your Russian woman an odd number of flowers. It is because Russians use an even number of flowers for funerals. Indeed, this may sound like a redundant superstition for you, but it is principal to Russians.