Application Essay Guide: What You Should Convey to School Admissions Committee

Want to write an application essay that persuades your readers? Check this article and find tips in making your composition more convincing.
Before settling down to write your application essay, research, and preparation of your materials is very important. It would help if you determined which information types should be included and which ones may be left out. Although writing the essay is a highly challenging aspect of the entire application process, it is nonetheless an effective way for you to convince the committee that you are worth a slot in the program.

Admission essay tip: Convincing the admissions panel that you fit the course program

Whether you intend to take up a graduate degree in medicine or law or an advanced diploma course in graphic design or psychology, for instance, the slots for the program may be limited only to a few students. This is more often the case with many top-notch schools offering globally-recognized courses. Therefore, you need to convince the admissions board that you are someone they would want for their program. The most convenient way to accomplish this is through the application essay. You will be able to show to the selection board, through your strengths, interests, experiences, insights, and career plans, that the program you are planning to enroll in is relevant to the path you are going to take upon completing the course.

Personal statement guide: Convincing the readers that you’re someone they want

A convincing personal statement, rather than a highly disorganized, sloppy composition, will no doubt win you the favor of the selection committee. One of the best ways for you to make your essay sound more convincing is to add some good examples. If you plan on pursuing further studies in medicine, for instance, you need to state some concrete reasons why the opportunity to study at the school should be given to you and not to someone else.

Some people make the mistake of adding too many clich├ęs into their essays, making their compositions sound triter than the original. It is easy for the admissions board to determine whether you have worked hard on your essay or not. If you can’t convince your readers that you deserve a place in the school’s program, then it won’t be straightforward for you actually to get accepted at your chosen college.

Most application essays will include several questions, so make sure that you answer all the indicated questions as thoroughly and as honestly as possible. Frequently, by answering the questions correctly and following instructions thoughtfully, you are already convincing the admissions board that you are someone who deserves the opportunity.