1130 E 9th St, Dallas, TX
May 2, 2015

In collaboration with Oil and Cotton and BCworkshop, members of Tierra Firme led two drop-in family art projects that responded the Texas-Mexico Border.

Texas-Mexico Border Landscape Prints
Participants were invited to depict a West Texas Border landscape by inking and printing nets on to paper. The net could function as the West Texas sky that is shared by the U.S. & Meixco or the net could function as the borderwall that separates the land of the two countries. Kids would then draw plant life and elements found in the mountainous dessert. Many of our young friends had never seen the dessert, so we had the pleasure of describing the landscape to them to see what they could imagine.

Loom as Object
Participants were invited to explore weaving with easily accessible objects to create mixed media woven cloth. Kids learned how to "make do with what you got"  by transforming chairs into looms by setting up warps with cotton cord and weaving with natural dyed crepe paper. The crepe paper was recycled from a past Tierra Firme art work entitled El Norte.