Beinvienidos: Portal Portraits


wire, pond, indigo vat, dirt, clothing line, linen/ rayon flags, clothes pins

12’  x  8’  x  2’


Brick Haus Collective, Denton, Texas
Greenspace Installation Residency
Curated by Brick Haus Collective, Abby Sherrill and Rachel Fischer 

Bienvenidos: Portal Portraits explores ideas of immigration, personal landscape and domesticidad along the frontera of Texas and Mexico. With the use of hand netted tunnel forms and natural dyed cloth, Tierra Firme suggests movement from a space of dried land to a place of plentiful botanical liquid.




February - May 2017, Closing Reception May 21, 2017

During the closing reception the DFW community was invited to natural dye ceremonial flags with indigo. The ceremonial flags hang on multiple dry lines that run through "Bienvenidos: Portal Portraits" and collectively serve to act as a ritualistic celebration of movement and immigration.