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Ten ways to generate new article ideas

Author – Ken Hill
1. Brainstorm for new ideas.
Add your brainstormed ideas to an idea file that you can go back to when you are stuck for a topic.
Also, add ideas you get from other sources into this file so that you’ll always have a fresh source of inspiration.

2. Visit forums and message boards.
Look for an exciting topic or thread in the posts that you can turn into a new article.

3. Check out newspapers and news programs.
Depending on what you like to write about, you could find some new hot topics.

4. Subscribe to e-zines that reach your target audience.
You’ll be able to get new, relevant information that could spark an idea for an article.

5. Review your articles.
Keep your eyes open for things that you touch on in your articles that you could expand into a full report.
Also, look for ways to further educate your readers on the topics that you’ve written about in the past.

6. Read other people’s articles.
You could look over the submissions to article announcement lists and article directories, or you could visit a site that has articles you enjoy reading.
You might be able to come up with an original slant that the other author didn’t cover in her article or a topic that you could research for your next article.

7. Use the questions you get from your subscribers, visitors, or customers for ideas.
Questions that you get regularly can be an excellent source of new ideas and topics that will appeal to your target audience.

8. Go to a seminar or marketing conference.
In addition to finding more new article topics, you’ll be able to learn new things and gain more contacts.

9. Conduct an interview.
You’ll be able to get a new article from the interview itself.
The person you interview could also bring up things in their responses that you could do some research on for a new article.

10. Run a survey.
Ask your participants what topics they’re interested in learning more about in your e-zine or on your site, and you’ll be able to get more new ideas and issues.

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