Chalk the Block arts festival
by El Paso mUESUM OF Art
Benny's Pawn Shop pop-up gallery
213 S El Paso St, El Paso, TX
OCT 11-12 2014


Tierra Firme was commissioned to complete a proposed sculptural installation at the 2014 Chalk the Block Festival. Their final piece title, Roca Ruca was installed at Benny's Pawn Shop Pop-Up Gallery for the duration of the event.  

Roca Ruca
Analise Minjarez & Sarita Westrup
Cement, foam, woven cotton cord,
natural dyes : indigo & hibiscus flowers

The piece entitled Roca Ruca is an installation that uses the symbol of the rock to represent individual people. The rocks were wrapped and woven with text around the constructed rock form and is Inspired by woven tourist bracelets found along the border. The text used in the piece are typical Mexican-American names and stereotypes new and old such as cholachongerpochanacaguerra, and others.  Foam and cement were used to create semi realistic rock forms. By constructing fake rocks we question ideas of authenticity in relationship to identity and how individuals connect with these names. All the cord was dyed using food found along the border such as black beans and hibiscus flowers